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finally got this book in the mail and i guess it was used even though i selected new…(also though this made me say “AWW” out loud on the subway) #toocute #leanin #sherylsandberg

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'Game of Thrones' is expensive, but not as expensive as 'Friends'

Considering what $8 million turned “Blackwater” into, it’s interesting to see what similar sums have done at other studios. In its last season, Friends paid its six leads $1 million per episode, so that’s $6 million right there. The total costs for the final season were $7 million per episode, meaning that for roughly the same price as an all-out Westerosi brawl you could get the gang hanging out and gabbing at Central Perk.

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friends also had a shit ton of celebrity appearances though and had to keep up with nyc fashion trends (they couldn’t really recycle items the way GoT probably can) v interesting to compare

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